L. Living 23 Feedback
利 ‧ 晴灣23意見回饋
感謝您來臨利 ‧ 晴灣23的網頁!
本意見回饋活動所收集得關於你的資料只會用作整體統計訪客對利 ‧ 晴灣23售樓處的體驗。收集這些數字是為了管理本售樓處以改善我們的服務質素﹐及了解更多來訪者對「家」的定義。

Thank you for visiting L.Living 23’s website!
The personal information collected for this Feedback Activity from you is used solely for the analysis of the visiting experience of L.Living 23’s sales office. The collected information will help improve our service at the sales office, and understanding the overall definition of ‘home’ from our visitors.